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A/C & Southwest Florida Go Together Like Apple Pie & Ice Cream

The climate in Southwest Florida is subtropical, which means it gets hot! So, perhaps the most important amenity you can offer a seasonal or long-term renter in the gulf coast, is air conditioning.

For our homeowner tip of the month, we recommend property owners do routine air conditioning maintenance and prepare an A/C action list for renters to follow. This will help avoid late night A/C related phone calls from tenants and keep them cool and happy.

Property Owners here are your 4 steps:Hot Apple Pie!

1. Test your air conditioner routinely before and after every booking.

2. Keep a new supply of batteries on hand for the central air wall-mounted unit. (Often if the batteries are old, the air conditioner will not work.)

3. Quote out local HVAC companies that offer 24-hour emergency service. Decide on 2-3 companies and add them to your action list for renters. (As a homeowner you may be able to negotiate a maximum service fee with these companies, so you don’t have to be called anytime work is needed, say under $250. Anything over this amount, the HVAC company would be instructed to call first to explain the higher cost.)

4. Prepare you’re A/C action list for renters. (Your action list would instruct renters how to turn on and off the air conditioner; replace batteries; know your preferred HVAC companies to call, and they would have your contact information close at hand. Remember many potential renters may not speak English as a first language, so this helpful form may be invaluable to you and your investment.

Want to get started on your air conditioning plan today? Contact us today for your 4 Step A/C Action list form. Fill out your information and leave a copy in an easy to find location for your next renter today!


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