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3 Rental Property Items You Will Replace

It’s a fact of rental life: Not every tenant is as careful with your furnishings as you’d like them to be. Routine wear and tear also take a toll. Renting out a furnished home will require replacing worn or broken items from time to time. But keeping your rental property looking great doesn’t have to be expensive. Here are 3 tips:chair

  • Furniture. Seasonal and annual tenants will undoubtedly spill something on your furniture during their stay. Wine, coffee and desserts can stain your couches or chairs. To minimize the problem, when buying new furniture, ask the store to treat your fabric or leather with a stain-proof or stain-resistant compound, which should help protect the furnishing a little longer. Replacements can be costly, so if you do need to replace a piece, look for sales and closeouts. Be sure to shop around and compare prices before you buy, too.
  • Dishware. We’ve all dropped a dish or broken a glass, and you can expect your tenants to do it too. It’s safe to assume that a certain number of plates and cups will get broken and will need to be replaced. Look for factory outlets and sales to save money. Consider buying a well-established pattern so replacements are easy to find.
  • Linens and towels. It’s a good idea to replace all your linens and towels frequently. Many homeowners and landlords replaced them after an annual tenant leaves, or after a rental season. This not only ensures good hygiene, but a fresh, happy feeling for your arriving tenant. Checking out your area “big box” retails stores is always a good starting point and remember beach towels are different from bath towels. You should have both available for your guests.

Be prepared. As a homeowner, consider adding a “wear and tear” allowance to your annual budget. Remember, making sure renters have a positive impression is the key to your Florida rental success.


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