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Make Money Renting Your House in Southwest Florida!

The stock market is too volatile, Bonds, CD’s and Money Markets pay close to nothing, so where else can you make money? The rental housing market.

If you can take advantage of today’s low mortgage rates and purchase an investment property or if you bought a rental home in the last 7 years and don’t want to sell it for a loss, then why not rent your house and make money.

Rental homes are valuable assets. Let’s say you owe $1000/monthly mortgage, but you can rent your house or condo annually for $1500/month. That’s pretty good rental home income.

So where do you start? Here at SelectDwelling we can help you rent your house. You list your property on SelectDwelling and we advertise and market your rental home to prospective renters. We have a ton of traffic and renters inquiring, so let’s get your Southwest Florida property listed and start making money renting today!

Our online site is great for homeowners who want to list their rental property for seasonal and annual rentals. As a property owner you can edit your house listing anytime, and you determine your property description, photos, and rental rates. SelectDwelling also helps local realtors gain immediate exposure for their current rentals.

The best part is SelectDwelling is here to help you. Contact SelectDwelling with any house rental questions. We’ll even list your properties for you!

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