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How to Rent Your Florida Home

Bonita Beach Rental Home

Florida property rental in seven easy steps

Florida is a vacation destination hotspot. Every year around 75 million tourists visit the Sunshine State. Whilst the mid-winter season sees visitor numbers peak, rental demand remains strong throughout, granting Florida homeowners some serious rental income generating opportunities. If you’d like a slice of the rental market for yourself, here is our basic guide to
get you started.

  1. Know your HOA regulations and any rental restrictions
  2. Calculate your costs
  3. Set your rental income
  4. Prepare or obtain a Florida property
    lease agreement
  5. Determine how to screen tenants
    and handle money
  6. Produce keys
  7. Put your support team in place

So there you have it – how to rent your Florida home in seven steps. Put some action behind these steps and you’ll see just how easy it is to get your vacation condo or annual property ready for the rental market and generating income.

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